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Dressage / Cross-Country / Show-Jumping

Coaching on an Individual basis will allow you to learn in a safe and nurturing environment.  The advantage of individual coaching is that your lesson is customised to your own level and ability.  You will always feel supported and guided throughout your lessons.


Suitable for all levels of riding, are you; 

  • A newer rider aiming to conduct your first competition or dressage test 

  • A seasoned competitor seeking feedback and incremental improvements.


Your individual coaching will be customised to generate new learning and increase your confidence.


The Process

The initial appraisal process is designed to assess your current strengths and also look at what development opportunities you have.  Together we will create a plan that will have you feel relaxed yet challenged. 


For those new to eventing this is the time to learn what it takes to get to your first competition and develop a plan of action to have your first competition be successful.  If you have competed previously however feel they are at a performance plateau, this is the time to master your skill and develop your horse to the highest level.


Throughout your training program we will regularly review our plan of action and make sure the training is meeting each of your goals.  This structured learning process ensures training is targeted and focused. 


The Location

At Alchemy Equestrian we understand that to become a better rider and improve your skill, you need to challenge your ability and also challenge the skill of your horse.  The best way to create growth is to vary your training environment, it is because of this need for expansion that we provide you with 4 options for lessons.


  • We can travel to your property 

  • You can use the facilites at our property in Henley Brook 

  • We can use the facilities at The State Equestrian Centre 

  • We can use the facilities at Brookleigh Equestrian Estate


Note: Discounts do apply if you would like lessons as a pair of riders / Extra costs may be incurred for additional travel or the use of external facilities.

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