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Individual or Group Riding Lessons

At Alchemy Equestrian we offer riding lessons on our school horses for both children and adults, whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced rider.

  • Are you a beginner and never been on a horse or

  • Would you like to improve your riding however you don't have a horse?


We have a lovely shady dressage arena so riding in summer is no problem and we provide a nurturing environment where you will feel safe and comfortable to learn the very basics to the more advanced work. Depending on horse availability the lessons may be an individual lesson, or shared with two riders:


Lesson Cost

  • Children (2-12 years beginners) - 30 minute Lesson - $80

  • Adult or experienced Children - 45 minute Lesson - $120



We have several coaches and you will be placed with a riding instructor that matches your ability and progressive skill level.


Equipment Requirements

We will provide everything the horse needs (i.e. saddle, bridle, stirrups); you need to provide your own riding attire which includes riding boots or enclosed shoes.

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